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At Green Acres Pet Ranch, we operate much like a hotel. Our overnight kennel rates are per dog per night with check-in being 8-10am and 4-6pm while check out is by 10am unless otherwise arranged. This allows us to prepare our kennels for dogs that will be arriving that day for overnight boarding. If you check out after 10am there will be a $10 late check-out fee. Having an 10am check-out time allows Green Acres to clean and sanitize the kennel while not compromising our care given to your pet.


Overnight Boarding: $50/day 

    2nd dog same family: $40/day

(Intact dogs: add $10/day) 

*Drop off anytime between 8-10am or 4-6pm (with the fee of a daycare day if you pick up between 4-6pm), pick up or check out by 10am, all-inclusive.

For overnight boarding, please schedule the day and time you are going to drop off your dog. Monday through Saturday, all pets must be picked up before 10am. Sunday, unfortunately, is only pick-up and no drop-off. Please if you have any questions, call or email us!

Please bring PREMIUM dog food for your pet while they stay at Green Acres Pet Ranch. Premium dog foods contain no artificial flavors, growth hormones, antibiotics, fillers, synthetic colors, or preservatives. Premium dog foods often also contain ingredients that may boost the health of your pet. The first ingredient should be listed as chicken, salmon, beef, lamb, etc. 

                                         Please bring: Leash, collar, dog bedding, 2x the amount premium                                          dog food due to the amount of exercise).  TO HOLD                                                                RESERVATIONS DURING PEAK BOARDING DAYS (CHRISTMAS                                            AND THANKSGIVING) PLEASE  VENMO/PAY $100 WHICH IS

                                        NON-REFUNDABLE IF CANCELLED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF STAY. 

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