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Why Us?

What Sets Us Apart

     There are many things to consider when

choosing a place for your pet to stay while you are away.

Trust, we believe, is the most critical factor when choosing a place for your pet.  You can be assured that at Green Acres Pet Ranch we take this responsibility seriously.  We have your pet's best needs foremost in our daily regime and we strive to give your pet a stress-free environment while you are away.  We provide that peace of mind to you that your pet will be taken care of as one of our own.  You will come to realize that your pet will be pulling at its leash in anticipation of spending the night or day at Green Acres. 


Your pet will experience many benefits at Green Acres which include:

  • overall happiness

  • reduced anxiety and boredom

  • regular exercise

  • improved socialization skills

    We understand that all dogs have different needs. Just because your dog is challenged nutritionally or by age, weight, or just needs a little more attention,  doesn't mean we would not love to have them!! We will do everything you ask us to do to make sure your furry friend is  happy! Don't stress over all the extra care, all this attention is free! Why, because we care about your pet. Does it get any better? 


Green Acres provides your pet:

  • their own kennel

  • climate control

  • lighting 

  • music

  • fresh air

  • playtime

  • continuous monitoring

  • medical​

    Green Acres Pet Ranch is a member of the International Boarding and Pet Service Association. IBPSA members abide by a Code of Conduct and are committed to continuing education and practice the highest standards in dog care in the Animal Boarding Industry.

 Shih Tzu with Toys

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