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From puppy, all the way to adult dog training is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Here at Green Acres Pet Ranch, we believe that training your dog will help cultivate a healthy and happy home for both the dog and the humans.


It all begins with a goal in mind!


Real World Dog Training is Shanti’s motto, and she sticks to it every day. We use balanced training methods to help guide you and your dog in the right direction to reach every expectation along the way. With Shanti by your side training will be a breeze if everyone is doing their homework, practicing, applying, and communicating. 

Training services and pricing



This is a mandatory one-hour meeting with the trainer and the parent to discuss what their training needs and wants are. This will help lead them in the right direction based on the pup's needs. Consultations are required prior to group class sign-up.

At Ranch: $40 – At Home: $50


Private training:

This is a private lesson with the trainer at home, at the ranch, or out in public. Each session is personally curated by the trainer.

Private training packages are available in 4-12 packs.



Training Seminars:

These are informational seminars that cover multiple topics related to dog care and training. These are all done in the parents’ home.

  • New Dog Seminar: All things new dog. How to introduce them to the home, kids, pets, and a routine. What to feed them, how to incorporate them into the family, and what your ideal routine should look like with the breed. $65

  • Potty Training Seminar: This seminar is for parents struggling with teaching and understanding the concepts of potty training for their pups. This seminar will help them get on the right track and set for life! $60

  • Proper Socialization Seminar: For those parents who have a puppy, a reactive dog, or a newly adopted pet who is struggling with new places, people, and other dogs. This seminar will teach you where to start, what to do, and what not to do. $100


Group Classes: Once per week for 4 weeks


  • Basic Obedience $110: This class will cover basic obedience ( sit, lay down, stay, focus, leash walking, and socialization)


  • Intermediate $125: This class covers the second level of obedience with adding more distance, duration, and high expectations out of your pup. ( Advanced leash walking, longer stays, more distractions, place/go to bed, Public access, manners while greeted)


  • Advanced $140: This class covers out-in-public manners, the start of off-leash training, in-home relaxation, desensitization to grooming, vet, and outside triggers. 


Group classes are first come first serve sign up and each class holds 5-6 dogs per session.


Board & Trains

- Call or book a consultation for more information

Day Training

- Call or book a consultation for more information

Shanti has been training dogs for 7 years. She has trained with SeaWorld San Antonio, Military K9s at Lackland Airforce Base, and owns her own dog training business. She has experience with training aquatic mammals, cats, birds, pigs, and of course dogs. 

Shanti specializes in behavioral modification, reactivity, puppy and breed management, and obedience. She can help parents obtain their AKC CGC, AKC STAR Puppy, Therapy dog training, ESA training, service dog preparations, and basic obedience.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Pet Training with Shanti, LLC

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